Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Closed Giveaway: We Love Colors

Hello everyone!

We Love Colors にシピンーグはただです30日05月までです。
We Love Colors is offering free shipping to Japan until 30th of April.

You can now use the code "welovejapan" to avail free shipping.

We're also having a tights giveaway!!! Two winners will be chosen from Japan and International. Visit and pick three pairs of tights you want to have. 


1。Follow We Love Colors on Facebook.
2。Follow We Love Colors  and me on Twitter.

Winners will be announced on 30th of April.

EDIT: Winners are ms_lovender from Japan and ilovemyoldlevis from Valencia. Yes, that's their twitter usernames.


Sherrrygo said...

I like microfiber footless tight, Plus size splash color tights,plus size solid color tights

Follow on fb Sherrygo, follow on twitter Sherrygo

katnani said...

1. Nylon/Lycra Solid Color Tights (lilac)
2. Nylon/Lycra Solid Color Tights (pastel mint)
3.  Nylon/Lycra Solid Color Tights (sky blue)


Ligaya said...

Oh, what a fabulous giveaway! 

My favourites are the Splash Color tights in numbers #7205, #7306 and #7411

钟可雅 Tammy Zhong said...

Nylon/Lycra Solid Colored Tights in: Scarlet Red, Royal, and Ivory~

folllowed on twitter+liked on fb

annikavictoria said...

Thank you for this awesome giveaway! I would love to win mint green, orange and lavender. I already follow you on twitter, but I followed We Love Colors, and I liked them on facebook! contact me on annikavictoria (at) gmail (dot) com


Anagon Gonzales said...

Really pretty! Thank you for holding this giveaway! :) (Charcoal) (Black) (7001)

Nana said...

Great giveaway!
Solid Color Knee Highs (light pink)Nylon/Lycra Solid Color Tights (Pastel Mint) Solid Color Thigh Highs (Light Tan)

M_galleria said...

Thank you for letting me know that! I'll join soon or later!

Douglas Stanton said...

I jus followed you on Twitter and am already following We Love Colors on Twitter and FAcebook. 1. Purple polka dot tights. 2. Yellow sports socks. 3. Red and black nylon striped socks.

Debora said... (Pastel Mint) (Light Tan)

On fb: Debora Ferri

Misslovender said...

If I`ll win I would want to win these.Solid colored tights:Neon Pink,Red and sky blue.

I followed everything.


Danielle Villano said...

I follow on FB as Danielle Villano and both Twitter accounts as @daniellevillano!  I love the Pastel Mint Nylon/Lycra Colored Tights, the Splash Metallic Tights, and the Charcoal Colored Tights!  Thanks!


visa p said...

Solid color tights (Patel Mint)
Solid color tights (Lilac)
Polka dot tights (White)

followed on fb(user name visa lom)
followed on twitter @1finedai

Cindyhvk said...

Hai I have follow your entries: Follow We love Colors on Fb and follow We love Colors and you on Twitter^^

My fb name: cindy lawrences
twitter: @cindyanjells 

Cindyhvk said...

I pick :
- solid color tights in pastel mint- solid color tights in light pink
- white striped tights in emerald

Cindyhvk said...

My email: 

My blog:^^

Cassie said...

Email- Cassie2322gmail .com
I picked-
1. Solid Color Tights in Red
2. Solid Color Thigh Highs in Ivory
3. Polka Dot Tights in White

Karen said...

my choices:
1. nylon/lycra splash color tights in #7214
2. nylon/lycra microfiber solid color tights in light pink
3. lurex glitter tights in silver

following on fb as karen c (last name redacted)
following on twitter as @soanyways 

great giveaway and blog! love your style :)

Alicia Pastor said...

Facebook name: Alicia Pastor
Twitter name: @ilovemyoldlevis 
- Neon Pink Solid Color Nylon Socks
- Pastel Mint Matte Leggings- Polka dot

Audrey said...

all done!
FB name:Riku Samo
Twitter name:@RikuS_
I like the Splash Color Tights,Lurex Glitter Tights,Nylon/Lycra MicroFiber Solid Color Tights

Helena Smołka said...

fb. name: Helena Smołka
twitter name!/veldestroyer
-Lurex Glitter Tights (silver)
-Vertical Striped Thigh Highs (light grey)
- Solid Color Tights (light pink)

Karin said...


fb name: Karen Schipp
Twitter name: Freiwelt

Nylon/Lycra Solid Color Tights (sky blue)
Splash Color tights #7411
Nylon/Lycra MicroFiber Splash Colors Tights # 7001

VIka VInessa said...

fb name: Vika Vinessa
Twitter name: vikavinessa

- Polka Dot Tights in light pink
- Nylon/Lycra MicroFiber Solid Color Tights in ivory
- White Striped Tights in lilac


Jenny Belleza said...

Did everything! :)

I would love to win the ff:
microfiber footless tights in red, splash color microfiber footless tights in #7205 and #7306

thanks!twitter name: jeeneeb

Mitha Komala said...

1. i have liked We Love Colors on Facebook through Mitha Komala
2. i have followed you and We Love Colors on twitter through @yourfireflies

the tights i wish to have are:
1. Polka Dot Tights (light pink)
2. Nylon/Lycra MicroFiber Splash Colors Tights (7001)
3. Diamond Tights (Light Orange)

Debora said...

Fantastic giveaway!
debby_fhotmail .it 
Debora Ferri

Steffi Santa said...

liked and followed them and you! 
Steffi Santa

- solid color tights / in light pink and dusty green
-polka dot tights / in charcoal 

Beata Jonite said...

1. Liked you on Facebook through Beata Jonite
2. Followed you on twitter through @chanelegance
I'd love to have the:
1. Splash color leggings (7214)
2. Vertical Striped Thigh Highs (White)
3. Solid Color Tights(Red)

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