Sunday, September 30, 2012


I've been here way too many times but this trip is different since I'll be touring my long lost twin sister, Camille, together with her crew mate, John.

In Kobe, it's what you see is what you get. It looks clean and organized? It actually is.

Camille took this photo of me. Left side is fast lane. If you're hurry, you should always be on the left side. The right side is for people like me.. In Tokyo it's the opposite. If you want to wait, take the left side. Remember that, it's very important!

Camille looks so fresh as the morning.

It was midday when we took this photo so the lighting was too harsh and my camera flash was broken so we couldn't fight it. 

We actually took a coffee first before we ate lunch but I won't be posting photos of that anymore. I posted one on instagram before, if you want to check. As always, I ordered tonkatsu curry. It's my favourite food to eat wherever I go. 

{hm jumper, american apparel skirt, dazzlin platforms, emoda bag}

It is customary to be quiet while on the train. People are expected read books with book covers, play games without sounds or with their earphones/ headphones on and sit properly while on the train. Little chitchats are okay as long as you won't disturb your seatmate. Or else, you'll get reprimanded by senior citizens. 

I'm so happy to be with my twinnie! And, don't you just love this picture?

I took this photo. It's my personal favourite!!!

and don't be sorry.
-Jack Kerouac


Nyan said...

you both look so so pretty <3

Vi said...

Like your style : )