Saturday, September 15, 2012


{zara kimono blazer, chocolate clothing top, american apparel double-layered chiffon skirt, dazzlin platforms, asos sunnies}

I tweeted a while back that I wanted to post about my "diet." However, the truth is I don't actually have a certain plan to be thinner. It just happens by chance. I believe that there's is no pragmatical way to be thin by society standards and no one should follow it if there's one. It's most silly when people tries to look perfect, goes under the knife and look worse than before. It might sound cliche but it always, always starts from yourself. 

I want to share with you my lifestyle briefly for now. Whenever I go to work, I need to take my bike with me or else might have to walk for an hour and a half or so. I tried it before while wearing heels and it's excruciating as expected. So, bike rides could take from 5 minutes to 40 minutes depends on where should I go that day. After taking the train, I might have to walk for 7 minutes at minimum to 25 minutes depends on how fast I walk. 

Next, this "might" be the revelation you're waiting for. I am often asked, "how many times a day do you eat?" And it annoy every part of my body including my intestines! I'm sorry to disappoint you once again but I eat more than 5 times a day including snacks. For breakfast, I won't have the usual egg and banana. I love to eat rice and whatever my mum cooked for viand. It could be spam, nuggets, etc. For lunch, I try to be a "little" healthy by buying a Japanese bento box with fried fish as the main dish. Oh, that's not so healthy after all.  And for dinner if I'm not home yet, I would get an onigiri and ate late dinner (for the second time) when I arrive (past ten usually, twelve would be the latest). I eat lots of snacks in between of course. The only consolation is I never skip drinking tea (green tea, jasmine, earl grey, milk tea, and so on.) Aside from water, I also need to drink (at least one bottle of) energy drink (aquarius, pocari sweat, etc.)

I don't follow curfew time but I don't like going to parties, drinking at bars. I try to sleep early but if I get home late (midnight,) I'll probably sleep around 4am. And, I still wake up the usual 7-9am no matter how late I went to bed. I don't have any sports and I go to yoga rarely but I love it! I love taking photos and knitting during my free time. And, that's how I roll.

It's Asami-chan once again!

Be a body by Grimes

Disclaimer: Not everyone who will follow the said routine will be thinner than they are. Some need to work harder and eat less to achieve it. But the key to achieving your dream body is to know your body. Accept it, love it and improve it. Set your goals and limitations based on your own body and never compare to others. Smile, you're beautiful!



Krissy said...

love how you shared your routine, it's like getting to know a little about you ^^
by the way, i love onigiri!! hehe! absolutely love your platforms and sunnies!
Krissy xoxo

Anagon said...

I love this post! :) I am better now in terms of body love, konting push pa tho! lahat talaga ng tao madalas may gusto paring iba sa kung anong meron sila. :p Anyway, enjoyed reading your routine, parang ang saya lalo yung bike part hehehe!

pepa said...

awesome.kiss :)

winnie said...

I love the outfit and also sharing your usual routine. I don't exercise nearly enough but I found that watching the types of food I eat, really affect your skin/weight. I like rice, but I eat a lost less than I used to now and if I feel a little unhealthy then I will try to eat less gluten. I try and drink as much water and eat as much fruit as possible - I guess like you say you need to know your own body because that really helps!

Nyan said...

another deep thought from you. urgh, love this post <3 i'm naturally skinny so i try my best to gain weight healthily. but afterall, it's more important to be healthy and love your body no matter what size it is. have a great week, ashley!

Valerie said...

So pretty! <3

I think people who eat in spurts generally have faster metabolism compared to those who eat only 3 meals a day. It also lessens hyper-acidity. Haha! I also eat around 5x a day. *u*

I'm envious of people in Japan. You all seem to know how to bike! I'm super scared to ride one. I've zero balance. Haha!