Tuesday, June 3, 2014


"You know all those things you've always wanted to get? You should get them." Just like this bambi dress.

Here's the most random thing about me: If I could have any super powers, it would be being able to fly.  Ironically, my best dream is to be a mermaid. The closest thing to fulfill those dreams is first to travel and second to study at a mermaid institute! It's going to be summer real soon in Japan but we're already currently feeling the deadly heat and humidity. June is supposedly Japan's rainy season or a transition month from Spring to Summer. I love that I could walk around without using too much layers but I also hate the fact that I couldn't really stand the heat and would rather stay in an air conditioned room instead. This scorching weather also gave me more reason to eat my favourite ice cream, macha or green tea.  

Photos by Kiko Cagayat


Momopodo said...

How pretty!! You look great and what a cute dress~~~ xoxoxox

mei // めい said...

That dress fits perfectly on you <3